About Us

Established since 1994, we specialise in all types of Parties and Events.
Weddings, Children’s Parties, Corporate, and Family Entertainment.

We also cover the majority of the UK.

We have 2 full time Professional Entertainers who each offer a wide variety of entertainment.
Everything from Table Magic for Weddings and Corporate Entertainment to Disco’s and Magic Shows for the Children’s Birthday Party.
The best thing is that we can offer our different types of entertainment individually to suit your event or we can put together some packages if you have a mixture of both Adults and Children guests.

Table Magic, sometimes known as a Close-up Magic is a fantastic ice breaker as people are arriving at your event and also during the quieter times of day/evening.
There’s nothing better than some entertaining magic and mind reading to get people laughing and talking.

During your event if you have children present, keeping a party of small children occupied is no easy feat. Attention spans are short, and energy levels change frequently. One of the best solutions is hiring a children’s entertainer. This is a great way to ensure that everyone has a great time, without the stress of having to find new ways to keep them busy yourself.

These days the variety of children’s entertainers is extensive, so you should be able to find one to suit your needs and preferences.

Magic is loved by children of all ages and magicians are a great way to keep children captivated, as they try to work out the magic tricks, and will have an opportunity to get involved. Entertainers should be able to keep kids laughing and occupy them with disco and games.
We have found that many children are frightened by clowns who wear the full make-up, that is why our entertainers wear a colouful shirt and jacket so that they are recognised as a clown but do not frighten the children who do not like them.

Face painters are another great option as they appeal to both boys and girls, and can cater to the preference of each child. Do ensure that face painters use non-acrylic paints, and have good hygiene practices. Check out their portfolio of face paint styles, and be sure they can paint to a high standard quickly – they should be able to see to each child within the allocated time frame.

The best way to find a great entertainer is by asking around. Speak to other parents and follow up recommendations for particular companies or individual entertainers. Ask other parents which type of entertainer has been the most successful, i.e. are clowns usually better received than magicians? Is a disco with games better or a disco with games followed by a magic show ?

When booking a children’s entertainer, it is always a good idea to find out exactly what you are getting. Ask as many questions as possible to ensure you know what they offer, for instance:

  • How long will they keep the children entertained?
  • Do they offer prizes?
  • Do they play games, put on a show or offer both?
  • Is their act best for indoors, or outdoors?

You can be sure that whatever you choose MKP Childrens Entertainers will ensure a fun and memorable event for everyone.
Why not call us today to discover how our professional team can help your event be that little bit special.