Carnivals and Outdoor Events

For Carnivals and Outdoor Events we offer a Mix n Mingle style of Entertainment.

Throughout the day our entertainer will mix with all your guests/visitors to your event with a great mix of Balloon Shaping and Pocket Magic Tricks.

Timed Magic and puppet shows throughout the day will also keep all the family fully entertained with a mixture of comedy and magic .

Also available is our “Giant Clown” which very quickly draws a crowd.

This costume is full of air, but that’s not all. 
Unbeknown to the unsuspecting public, there’s a man inside the costume. 
As your guests/clients approach this innocent looking statue he suddenly moves.

Really Stand out from the Crowd

  • Want to cause Uproar ?
  • Want to draw crowds ?
  • Extremely Funny & Entertaining
  • Watch as people literally jump out of their skin.
  • Ideal for meet and greet at all types of functions.